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The Kookamunga project is an extensive body of work involving drawing, printmaking, photography, video and performance. The Kookamunga is a penguin costume which I purchased from Amazon. I enjoy the idea of allowing the viewer to know that this costume has been purchased, especially from a mega corporation that is a point of contention.
Over the course of this project, The Kookamunga has developed from a loose narrative involving world building where there are many Kookamungas that freely exist simultaneously in the drawn world, as well as the physical world to the Kookamunga costume being a sentient symbiotic skin which requires a host in order to "come alive". I enjoy both of these variations and seek to go deeper into this project making it even more rich and exciting.
The Kookamunga is a penguin as originally, this project was about the passing of a loved one who loved penguins. This project has helped me heal from that loss and I hope it can help others in similar ways.