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With Costume Head, Kookamunga (Big Bear, CA) (#3)
With Costume Head, Kookamunga (Big Bear, CA) (#3)
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This incredibly jarring image of The Kookamunga seen on the Aspen Grove Trail, after researchers took multiple shots of The Kookamunga ruminating over the unoccupied costume - is a the most questionable thing researchers have seen The Kookamunga do. We were very taken aback! Researchers were aiming to approach this Kookamunga and perhaps see if it would respond to questioning, yet it turned with the severed head of the found costume.
A somewhat frightening gesture, however, this could be a playful action as The Kookamunga seems to notice us. Perhaps this action of raising the severed head is more of a way of saying goodbye than it is of claiming victory. The Same behavior of taking an occupied costume with it was seen in The Kookamunga at The Salton Sea.